155 Open Carry Pete


Matt and Brian talk marriage equality, gun control, dieting, and other things.

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154 California F**k Story


Brian, Matt, and Krista Prokopchuk talk about landlord issues, splitting the bill at dinner, CA city taxes, and Rachel Dolezal & Caitliyn Jenner.

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153 If Slaps Were Dollars

Matt and Brian talk 12 kids and counting and the generation gap.  It's an hour long, so there's probably more, but hey, I don't know.
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152 Sh*t Talk

StillerMary.jpgMatt and Brian talk dubsmash, pooping in a cup, beach volleyball, and plastic surgery.

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Matt and Brian try to stream live video on Periscope and it isn't a total disaster.
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150 Truffle Butter


Matt, Brian and guest Peter Murphy talk new music, Rip Van Winkle, the Coachella Valley Music Festival theme song, among other things. 

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149 Cybergoth Dance Party

Matt and Brian don't understand the Cybergoth Dance Party youth.

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148 Asshole Sachs

Matt and Brian are joined by guest Rian Kounz to talk about sketches, musical improv, whether there are horses in Korea, mandatory voting, Meghan Trainor and more. Enjoy!

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Matt and Brian talk wedding trends and other stuff.

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146 Frizzy Tizzy

Brian and Matt talk Harrison Ford, What Not to Say in Front of Your Children, and other stuff.

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